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Creating your uniform program

Developing programs that reflect our schools priorities and values takes experience and dedication.

Whether you're planning to duplicate an existing program, augment an existing program with new styles and logos, or build a program from scratch, our team of professionals will walk you through the entire process from concept to production. Our process scopes in style, fabric and construction techniques and our internal production and network of trusted vendors allows us to source programs that deliver desired price points and garment features.

Uncompromising quality

Our products are known for their premium quality. Our fabrics are independently tested to ensure color fastness, pilling resistance and durability. Our garments are subject to quality control at several levels to ensure they meet our standards and we work exclusively with a select number of domestic and international suppliers to maintain consistent quality. We stand behind all of our products with a "No Questions Asked!" product quality guarantee. Defective items may be returned at any time for replacement or merchandise credit.

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In-house production

Mills has manufacturing and embroidery/ screen printing capabilities in-house within our 20,000 square foot multi-use facility in San Francisco. This facility features cutting and garment production areas as well as a dedicated embroidery and silkscreen and heat-transfer production area. In-house production and decoration capability provides quicker and more flexible product turnaround and allows us to better monitor fabric and production quality.

Fair and ethical suppliers

We pride ourselves on our treatment of employees and we only work with suppliers who do the same. Our long-time domestic and international suppliers are reviewed annually and agree to our Code of Conduct that addresses child labor, environmental protection, health and safety issues and disciplinary practices. We visit our suppliers' facilities in the United States and abroad to inspect working conditions and ensure they are meeting our rigorous standards for quality and delivery timelines.

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