Partner with Us

DENNIS and Mills work side by side to bring you best-in-class products and dependable service. Our collaborative teams partner closely with your schools to design, develop and deliver industry-leading custom uniform programs.

Designed to be effortless

We've dedicated ourselves to thoughtfully designing the best onboarding process and customer service experience in the industry, so that our school partners experience all the benefits and as few of the hassles as possible in implementing a new uniform program. Our first step is always getting to know you, so we can match your uniform program to your school's values, scale, and style. More specifically, we:

  • ask you to complete a School Profile so we understand your grade ranges and enrollment, key school dates and key contacts
  • develop your program, including logo design (when necessary) and digitization
  • build your personalized webstore
  • work with you to establish dates for any on-campus or in-store events
  • stock our retail stores or distribution facilities to ensure reliable product availability
  • train our Customer Service and retail store staff specifically in your uniform program, so they understand your school profile and your families' requests

New to uniforms?

We have helped many schools with the transition to a uniform program. Interested in learning more about the benefits? Give us a call! And consider the reasons these schools decided the following benefits made adopting a uniform the right choice:

  • Building a sense of community and a consistent image
  • Reinforcing the school setting
  • Assisting with identifying members of the school community
  • Eliminating the need for dress-code monitoring
  • Eliminating fashion competition and inappropriate clothing choices
  • Improving students' appearance with uniforms that withstand the rigor of daily wear
  • Reducing clothing costs for parents