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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my local store's phone number/address?

Q: How do I exchange something I bought?

Q: Where's my package?

Q: How do I return something?

Q: What sizes should I order? How do I measure my child?

Q: I ordered a youth size, why did I receive a child size? I ordered a teen or junior size, why did I receive an adult size?

Q: I have a defective item. How can I get a replacement?

Q: Why didn't my overnight/2nd day package arrive overnight or in 2 days?

Q: How do I see my order status and my previous orders?

Q: When will my items ship

Q: How much is shipping?

Q: How should I launder my uniforms?

Q: My school doesn't use Mills, can I purchase your garments?

Q: Our school is interested in switching uniform providers. Who do I contact for more information about Mills Uniform Company?

Q: Still have questions?